The annual energy budget for just the United States, exceeds a terawatt. Our planet receives in excess of a terawatt of energy per hour. While the spectrum of solar energy received on earth is much broader than can be utilized for Solectric's quantum dot solar 'QDS' technology, the sun's source of UV energy is significant. For example, if all US Walmart, The Home Depot and Lowes store [100,000 Sq Ft] roof tops (12,500 buildings) were installed with GENSTOR©, the energy generated and stored would accommodate 3.5 to 4.0 % of the US energy budget. If a 10% installation on US home roof tops were also installed with GENSTOR©, the resulting energy provided, free from the sun's nuclear [fusion] reactor would approach 10% of the US energy budget. The impact of these installations could be felt far beyond the bare bones energy numbers, as the GENSTOR© resource could be employed to produce hydrogen [fuel] from water, locally to its use in home and commercial locations. Finally, the economic and environmental impact could be significant as the above energy generation and storage would relieve the tight fossil fuel supply chain and reduce the US carbon footprint and simultaneously reduce all fossil fuel consumption which would result in lower fuel costs having a significant impact on inflationary pressures world wide.

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